Sunday, May 19, 2013

August Rush

It's hard to believe my last post here was in August. So much has happened in the span of the last 9 months and I will not try to recount it all. I find it somewhat humorous that my last post was in August because since December, I have been waiting for August to come back around. Sure August is already a neat month, my amazing mom's birthday is that month and school starts in August but this August will change Nathan's and my life forever. How? Well for those who don't follow me on Facebook we are expecting our first child, a girl sometime in early to mid August. We were not expecting to get pregnant when we did but it's amazing just how perfect God timed it looking back. But I will save that for my next post. This is about how we found  out that I was pregnant.

It was just after Thanksgiving when Nathan started to think something was different about me. I didn't seem like myself. When he first mentioned it I knew I was acting differently but I thought it was from stress. Thanksgiving had been a very tough holiday to be away from family and I had been extra homesick. On top of that, it was the last 3 weeks of school and like always, I was running around trying to make up everything I had procrastinated on all semester. So for me it was just the wonderful time of the semester and it was nothing out of the ordinary. The week after Thanksgiving was pretty much flew by and Nathan still had his own ideas of what was going on but kept them to himself.

Then, the last week in November, I snapped. I had a few good cries that week, I got so mad at Nathan that I threw my keys and to top it off my face was having it's monthly acne spree plus I just didn't feel great. Well my time of the month was due to come any day so I didn't give much thought that there could be something else going on. Then, Friday, I got acid reflex. This was the one of the things that made me think something wasn't right. I told Nathan to pick up a pregnancy test on his way home from work and I would take it Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday, December 1, morning with Nathan and took the test. I had false alarms before and I figured this was another one. Even though they tell you to wait 2-3 mins for results to appear, I stared at it waiting for it to tell me that I wasn't pregnant. Then, a faint pink line appeared. Yelled for Nathan to come in the bathroom and once there I asked him if he saw a little pink line and he said "yes. what does that mean?". I replied "It means I might be pregnant" (Side note: does anyone else see a trail of denial on my part?) Anyway, when I said that Nathan's face spread into the most elated and goofy smile, a smile I hadn't seen since our wedding day. I was in shock. He was thrilled and wanted to tell a few people. I told him not to until I took another test and got it confirmed at the doctor. Later that day, I went to Target and picked up another test. The entire time I was still in a weird stage of denial. It wasn't until I took the second test in the middle of the day and that same line appeare that I truly believed that I was indeed pregnant. That night we told our parents and our siblings who were in about as much shock as we were and a few days later the doctor confirmed that I was about a month pregnant and could expect a baby in August.

Needless to say, after this, the last two weeks of school flew by. I found an OB group and in January I got to see my baby for the first time. Seeing the baby on the sonogram made it all very real. I was still nervous about miscarrying but once I saw the baby, my worries eased a little bit. Then when I was almost 12 weeks, we announced to everyone that Baby VanderBoegh would be coming in August.

 So the last 6 months have been thrilling and nerve wrecking. I got off very easy the first trimester. I was sick but barely and once I hit 14 weeks, I felt so much better. It's still hard to believe that we will be parents in 3 very short months but it is really happening. Today I am 28 weeks pregnant, the start of the 3rd trimester WOO!!! I am very excited and I am looking forward to getting back into blogging this wonderful journey.

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