Tuesday, August 7, 2012

15 lessons I have learned in the first 1year and 2months of Marriage

My neighbor recently posted things she had learned in two months of marriage on her blog and it got me thinking...what has my time being married taught me?

  1. Your spouse can amaze you with how far their support goes.
  2. It's okay to procrastinate on chores sometimes but don't wait too long to do them
  3. There are places cheaper than walmart
  4. If you find a great price on a certain food item you use a lot, stock up as much as your budget will allow
  5. Pintrest is a housewife's best friend
  6. DIY laundry soap and fabric softener can save a lot of money.
  7. Always make time for your spouse.
  8. Budgets are amazing
  9. Just because you can't keep your house clean and dinner on the table every night, doesn't make you a bad wife.
  10. If you have student loans or credit cards, know your debt and have a plan to pay it off
  11. Baby fever will get the best of you if you let it.
  12. Don't let baby fever cloud your judgement when to start trying for kids
  13. The farther away from family that you are, the more precious that family becomes.
  14. God will always provide even when it doesn't seem like He will.
  15. No matter your circumstance, you can make it through. Nathan and I were told we were crazy for moving 500miles from family while we both worked and went to school but here we are a year later and doing well. It's not easy but we are getting through 

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