Saturday, June 16, 2012

The VanderBoeghs One year later

Over a year ago, I was waking up on a beautiful June 4 morning with my best friend from college in the bed next to mine and the thought came in my head "I am getting married today". For about as long I as I had been with Nathan, I dreamed of this day. Nathan and I had talked about what would be in store after this day but this very day was going to change my life forever. It was the first of many events to transpire over the next year that would challenge us and grow us as we began to live with one another. The first two weeks of marriage flew by. The honeymoon and the move really sent us for a whirlwind. Then the dust settled and it was just me, him and a brand new place we would call home.

The first 3-4months were some of the hardest for me personally. I was unemployed for part of  this time (i got a job just shy of the two month mark) and I was transferring to a new college. To make the latter worse, I was a minority at my new school. I was one of the handfuls in orientation who was married and to my knowledge, I was the only one who was under the age of 25. This was also my first time at as married student. I was so lost on even how to behave in my new idenity so to say. No one here, unless they were from the college I went to before, would  know me by my maiden name. My life was so vastly different from when I was single and the adjustment period was tough. Also at this time we were a one car family and since Nathan works 40hours a week in Raleigh, guess who got the car? I was lucky enough to find rides to work and I could walk to class. But this period of my life had so many adjustments, it's really only by God's provision that I made it through as I did. I have an amazing support group of my husband, my family, in laws and few friends that made getting through a lot easier.

After this adjustment period, things started to fall into a bit of a pattern. We go to church on Sunday, Nathan works during the week with class on Thursday. I had class Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the day and the worked at night. We have had some adventures along the way. In December we saw family and boy did that teach us a lot about planning family trips. We decided to do a day trip to DC and while we had fun, it was an exhausting day. Note to anyone: Day trips can only work if your are traveling less than four and half hours to get there.

Honestly there has been so much to happen over past year that I don't remember a lot of it. Much to the chagrin of my shutter bug family, I haven't taken that many photos of the last year and I wish I had because it's been an insane ride of a year. Nathan and I are still struggling with meeting new people and making friendships but we are lucky enough to be each other's best friend so that part isn't awful. We have had our fair share of fights and non happy times and it's felt like we are dancing minefields.We do miss our family and FL but we know God has us here for a reason. And at the end of it all, God is in control and He's the one taking care of us. Without Him we would not have made it this year so to Him goes all glory for what we have done, are doing, and will do in the future. We have one year under our belt and I'm look forward to what God has in store for us next.

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