Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life, Marriage and new projects

Well I took over semester off from blogging but it wasn't because I didn't want to but rather that life got in the way. Since becoming a two car family, things have been a lot easier on us. I can get things done when I want to and I don't have to wait on Nathan being home to do them. That is probably my favorite thing, that plus  being able to go to school and back with out walking or asking for a ride. Since I haven't posted in a while I will give a brief update on the last few months and then the next post will be a reflection on the last year:

Decemeber we went to FL for a few very short days to spend time with family which was wonderful. And we also enjoyed our first Christmas as a married couple. At this point I should mention my absolute love of Skype. It has over the years allowed me to keep in touch with Nathan and my parents and over Christmas we got to enjoy having our family with us even though they were 10hours away.

In January we joined a church and started to get involved a little bit here and there. Also the new semester started. I was especially happy for Nathan because for the first time since he has been a student at SEBTS he had a class that met weekly.

February was fairly uneventful. The highlight was Valentines Day when Nathan surprised me at work with flowers and had dinner with me on my break. Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?

March and April were also fairly uneventful. I did get my haircut and it's a similar style to what I got when I cut it back in July. The semester has been tough on both Nathan and myself as homework has piled up and sometimes doesn't get done. I also has to withdraw from a class for the second time since I started college. Honestly, it's an awful and sick feeling knowing I have to retake a class and that I wasted money on a class. Though the more I think about it I know I have learned two things: 1) I don't want to have this happen again and 2) even though it's awful, it's teaching me lessons I may not have learned otherwise. God is shaping me through my mistakes and maybe one day I can encourage someone because of my own life lessons. Also my closest friend I have made since coming to NC got engaged and we are now in the midst of planning her wedding. It's so crazy since it was just last year I was putting the final touches on my own wedding!

May has been a little bit more eventful. It started with celebrating 11months of marriage by seeing the Avengers which was an awesome movie :) I did find out that would not be able to pass another class which means I will only have 6 hours less hours to take but I can retake the class I failed over the summer so I will still be on track for graduation in 2015. Then the jeep decided to break down, yet again and my dear husband is in the process of trying to get it fixed. But I am so thankful for the community I live in and the other seminary wives' willingness to take me to work until the jeep is fixed. The rest of May will continue with us working and then going on a wonderful, ten day trip south to see family and friends as well as celebrating our 1 year anniversary at the beginning of June.

Well that's an update! Reflections on the last year coming soon.

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