Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two car family!

As most of you know, for the past 5months, Nathan and I have shared a car. We had not been very diligent and it took us a bit to decide what we wanted in a car and how we wanted to go about getting a car. Well yesterday afternoon Nathan wanted to look at a few dealerships after I got home from class so off we went. We decided to start with the dealership that was furthest from us and work our way back which was a Toyota dealership. We got to there and told the salesman what we were looking for and our price range. He was a bit concerned he would not have anything but he got his used car list and started looking. He found a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and so we went and looked at it. It was out of our price point but we realized we might have to stretch that a little bit for a car. It was decent looking but it was missing mirrors from the sun shades and didn't have cup holders in the back. We test drove it and it was a decent ride. Thus far, it was the best car for the price that we had seen. We told our salesman we needed to talk about it so we went back to the jeep and made a few phone calls to consult our parents on what they thought. There were some concerns but we knew we needed to do what was best for us. So before we went back inside we prayed that God would guide us as we looked into this car.

When we went back in, Nathan asked a few questions and we realized that the honda was not for us but our salesman had a trick up his sleeve. While we had been consulting our parents about the honda, there was a 2007 Toyota Yaris that had just come out of detailing and was preparing to go onto the lot for first time. Our salesman told us that even though it was more expensive, it would fit better into our monthly budget. We decided to look at it and I personally fell in love with it when I saw it. It had fewer miles on it, wasn't missing random parts and was still very good gas mileage. The drive was very smooth, granted most anything feels smooth compared to the jeep. After we came back from the test drive, Nathan and I talked about it and knew it was the right car. It had the four doors like I wanted with the fewer miles that Nathan wanted. Plus it's a Toyota which my family loves and it gets excellent gar mileage which everyone loves. The payments ended up being more than we wanted but we are still able to stay within our budget. It's crazy to think we have two cars now. The challenge for me is getting used to Nathan's jeep and making sure I take care of it. We can afford 1 car payment...not 2. Today  has been my first day with jeep and I love the freedom. After class I was able to go to Target and pickup some stuff we didn't get last time we went shopping, then I checked the mail and I came home. I really do love the freedom but I will always try to not take having a car for granted. For 5months, I relied on Nathan and many friends and neighbors to get me from place to place. For everyone who helped me get from point A to point B: Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your willingness to make that type of sacrifice for me is something I pray God will allow me one day to pay forward.

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