Saturday, August 20, 2011

Married life, Two months in

I know it's been awhile since my last post but I just felt like there wasn't very much that had gone on that was enough to blog about and then when there was stuff to post, I was just too busy.  Nathan and I have gotten into a routine here. We wake up around 7-9 depending on that morning. We get our showers, Nathan does his devotional and I come down stairs. Some mornings Nathan even makes breakfast. After that we just hang out around the house and we do what little bit of cleaning needs to be done. Of course that varies if one of us works. Yes I said "us". I finally got a job late July at Kohl's and the best part is it's about a mile from the aparment! Honestly, I really enjoy working there. It's so nice to not work fast food and I'm not handling as much money either. Nathan also got a second part time job at a bank as a teller. From Aug 15-26 Nathan is in Raleigh for training from 8:30am-5pm. The bank is a huge blessing in that Nathan and I can get off our parents' insurances as well as giving us a chance to bank with a larger bank. I was accepted into the College at Southeastern and I start my classes Tuesday. From August 14-19 I was put through a long and somewhat painful orientation but it's done and I'm happy to start classes. I declared my major as BA in Christian Studies with a minor in Music. It feels strange to go back to music in school after abonding it in high school. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to get back into playing clarinet, my primary instrument. My ultimate goal now is to get connected with a homeschooling group teaching music and giving private lessons to elementary and middle school aged kids. I started playing clarinet in the 4th grade so the age group has a soft spot in my heart.

In other news, my brother in law finished Navy boot camp early August and I am so proud of him and my family for making it through those two months. I'm not sure when my sister will get to move up with him but I know it will work out in God's timing. Also, Nathan and I are getting more settled in. It seems like every few days or so, we meet someone new and there a friendships that are starting to form. A family friend on my mom's side moved up right before orientation and it's been fun having her  around as well. So that pretty much sums up the last month for us. It's crazy to think we have lived here two months already but it's been such a blessing.

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