Monday, July 11, 2011

The Journey of 577miles Begins With the First Step

It's hard to believe it even happened. I think back on moving and it feels like it was ages ago. Once we got back from our honeymoon with set our sights on trying to get everything together before June 17. June 10-12 we spent with my family and getting my room packed. Then on the 13th we said our good bye to Orlando by visiting Disney. Tuesday and Wednesday (14th&15th)we spent packing Nathan's room up and getting our wedding gifts in order. Thursday (16th) we picked up our moving truck. We packed up the stuff at Nathan's place first and then we packed up mine in to the truck. Friday June 17, we woke up early, got everything else together and, with my parents,  we headed to NC.

Honestly, the drive was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was very long but it gave Nathan and I time to talk and listen to music. If we were bored enough we even sang along. We also continued to play a game called Penske. It's like punch buggy without the punch. If we saw a Penske truck then would call it and who ever called it first won. We didn't keep score but it was still fun for a 11 and half hour drive. We also would pick out cities that we would see on signs and keep track of how close we were to them. Once we passed the city, we picked a new one. The worst part of the drive other than going straight through middle of SC was when we hit Raleigh traffic at 4:30. With a 16ft long truck plus a car carrier on the back made for a very interesting drive. Plus Nathan was not used to the hills that NC has. It's a lot different than flat Florida. But we finally made it safe and sound.

Once we got the townhouses, we located the housing office and got our keys. Then the fun part of unloading began. For the most part it was just Nathan and my dad. Half way through we realized that the AC wasn't coming on. So we called the emergency maintenance guy who came and looked at it. He told us that they would have to replace it on Monday so for the weekend they would have us stay in another apartment. Near the end of it a neighbor one door down came over with her husband to help us finish getting stuff done. After that we went a got dinner before heading in for the night.

The next day we started settling stuff in with the help of my parents. It was nice to have their help with getting some of the stuff accomplished. We went to some of the stores and started getting the extra things that we still needed. Sunday was bittersweet with having to say good bye to my parents. I know I didn't make the most of my time with them and that was hard. It felt so strange being there by myself with Nathan. There was no turning back. We were here to stay. We spent most of the day at the townhouse getting more things done and putting more things in place. Nathan also found out that his job wouldn't start until July. I wasn't too happy knowing that we would be without a paycheck for two weeks but I was happy I would get extra time with Nathan before he started at Best Buy. I wasn't going to have to start straightway with being a stay at home wife. Now that we had a home, married life was really going to start.


  1. What part of North Carolina are in? I grew up in Winston Salem. It's awesome that neighbors came to help. At least you know you have people close who will be there to lend a cup of sugar. :)

  2. We are at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest