Thursday, June 30, 2011


The thing I loved most about our honeymoon was how close it was to the wedding. Once we got there, we didn't have to worry about a flight to catch or making a reservation; we just checked in and settled in for a relaxing week with each other. Now we told most people we were staying St. Augustine for our honeymoon but we actually were in Palm Coast. We took three days to spend in St. Augustine but would always go back to our resort in Palm Coast. Now the place we stayed in was a vacation club. The room  was basically an apartment. It was 1,100 square feet with a living room, full kitchen and two bedrooms (one with a queen size bed and the other with a king). Plus the master suite had a whirlpool bath tub. Once we got checked into the resort we went to Walmart and picked up breakfast and lunch foods for the week that way we only ate out once per day. Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and decided to explore the resort. Later on we went and saw X Men: First class and ate at a Japanese steak house for dinner. For rest of the week took little day trips out for shopping at to see St Augustine. One of the really neat things we got to do was go on a kayak tour in a salt water marsh at sunset. It was an interesting experience for Nathan and I because it was double kayak. It took a lot of teamwork but it was fun. We even got to see dolphins twice. The first encounter was at the beginning of the tour and our guide told us it was two males who had probably been kicked out of the pod. The second encounter was at the end of the tour and our guide told us it was a small pod. It looked like two females and juvenile.Our guide was going to let us get closer but one of those huge charter cruises came through and scared the dolphins away.Overall the honeymoon was a great time for Nathan and me. We enjoyed going at our own pace and relaxing.

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