Thursday, June 23, 2011


So the day finally came. June 3rd I was a mess but everything went fine for the rehearsal. June 4 morning I woke up feeling calm. I was too nervous to really eat but I did feel very serene. We got to the church and started getting things set up. I went into holding take number 1...I mean I went into the room to get ready. Unfortunately for us someone forgot to tell us that the AC was broken in the room. I was fine but the rest of my bridesmaids and family weren't doing so well. After getting my hair and make up done, I got into my dress and then I felt the heat everyone else had felt for the past hour. Then it was time for pictures and after that people started showing up. I was put into a small room attached to a bathroom to hide while everyone came in. It was a lot cooler than the other but eventually people stopped coming in and out I was left by myself in holding tank number 2. I was there for probably 10 mins when my wedding coordinator (my aunt) realized I was missing haha. The ceremony was a blur. Seeing Nathan was amazing. He had the biggest smile on his face and I felt so blessed to be marrying him. The only thing I really remember from the wedding is when we were saying our vows my dad thought it would be funny to add in "obey" to the end of my vows and so I stood there for what seemed like minutes before I choked out "obey" to which all of our guests busted out laughing. We made it through the rest of the ceremony pretty painlessly but then came the kiss. My dad said "You may now kiss the bride" but he should have said "You may now kiss the groom" because I unknowingly grabbed the sleeve of Nathan's tux and pulled him in to kiss me which caught him completely off guard. After the recessional we took pictures for  what seemed like forever and then it was off to the reception. It's funny because I see brides always so relieved to be sitting down and never understood why. Well after walking around in my dress all day, I understand now. It was heavy even for an A line dress and poor Nathan kept stepping on it during the reception. The fellowship hall looked beautiful. When we picked a meadow theme, I was worried it would look too country but all you could see was colorful flowers that just brighten up the room. The reception for the most part was a blur as well. We went around to all of our guest's table to thank them for coming and that was tiring. The cakes were beautiful. Again I was worried about how they would look and it was beyond my dreams. Nathan did get me with cake after we took the first bite but I didn't take revenge right then and there. I know I will get an opportunity later on for that ;) After the speeches and the tosses, it was time to get ready to leave. My mom helped me out of my dress and I changed into my going away dress. Nathan and I posed for a few more pictures in our going away clothes and the headed out into the storm of birdseed. It truly was a storm and it was everywhere. The right as we were about to leave Nathan's cousin took a cup of birdseed and threw it into the jeep. It's been 2 and half weeks since this happened we still have birdseed in the jeep. Overall the wedding experience was hard work but worth the effort. My parents and the rest of the family gave me a wedding I won't ever forget. Thank you to all who were there, all who helped and my parents.

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