Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everything is changing

17 days...Just 17 days until this chapter of my life finally ends and my new one as a married woman begins. It just doesn't seem real to me that this is happening. These past few months have been extremely difficult for my family. Everyone in my house has a full plate and it's been difficult on everyone, even my nephew to an extent. It's like my world has been turned upside down a few times. It's been hard but it's so amazing to see how God has gotten my family through all of this. It's been hard at times to realize that high school is done and people have moved on. I look back at all the outings I took with some friends and I miss those times. I miss the friends I had and I wish that some of those friendships were still around. In the end I know high school is a faint blimp in my history andr a chapter of my life that ended nearly two years ago. I'm now trying to look forward to the things to come like meeting new people when I move and cherish the people I have supporting me now.

So the packing process is underway. Nathan came over last Friday and between Friday and Sunday, we got a lot of my room cleaned out and got two boxes packed. It's still crazy to think how soon that room will be empty of my stuff and be in a U Haul headed up to NC. There's still packing to be done but I think the rest of it should be pretty easy.

In wedding news my dress is in and looks great. The hem and bustle are perfect. I can walk around in it and it's actually not too heavy nor does it feel like I'm going to trip in it. So I should be able to walk around the church and fellowship hall pretty easily :) Both of my wedding showers are done and I was amazed by how generous people are. Both were beautiful and a big thanks to all who help put them together. This weekend, we are finishing up flower arrangements and possibly a hair trial? All these little details are coming together to make a beautiful June 4.

Well that's it for now. I'm going to try and post more as the wedding get closer but we will see how that works out :)

Also I need all of my readers' help. Since I created my blog, I haven't been too thrilled with the name of it and I want  to change it but I'm not too sure what to change it to. If you have any ideas, post them please. I would love to hear them.

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