Friday, June 3, 2011

Tomorrow I will marry my friend...

It's hard to believe that tomorrow I will be married. It's been such a hard and joyous time leading up to this wedding. I remember meeting Nathan vaguely and after the first time we meet, I saw him a lot around campus. I would go into the pool hall and just hang out while him and some other friends played a game or two. Nothing ever really stood out about him until one October night when I went bowling with some friends. Well we were supposed to go bowling but the place was closed so we decided to mini golfing instead. That night was freezing, I was sooo cold and I was mad that plans had changed. I just calmed right up. I didn't talk, I didn't play and I just walked around the course while everyone else played. Nathan offered me his coat but I refused it. Later, after the game, he decided to steal my shoe to try and break my irritation. It didn't work but I was starting to warm up a little bit. After the game we went to Krispy Kreme  and I don't know why for  life of me I decided to ride in his car, much less the front seat, but I did. The ride back was nice and it was this night that Nathan caught my attention. One October night that has turned into many nights of movies, dinners, skype, walks, puzzles and the sheer enjoyment of each other. In Nathan I have found someone who brings out the  best in me in a way I never dreamed possible. Everyday I know we grow closer and with this bond as our base as well as our mutual faith in God, I know this marriage will work. I'm looking forward to celebrating many June 4ths after this one with the one God has given me :)

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