Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Distance and wedding news

Over the summer Nathan and I faced our biggest challenge in our relationship when, for 3months, we were in a long distance relationship. After spending the first 6months constantly spending time together, it was a dramatic and difficult switch. I had sometime to adjust to not seeing him for two weeks before I went on my mission trip to South Florida. I thought the summer would never end and I know it was the hardest 3months of my life. But somehow the Lord got us through it and we ended up closer than before. It had been so hard on me that I even told Nathan that I didn't ever want to be in a long distance relationship again. I loved him but I wanted him closer. Well the Lord had other plans in mind.

Currently, Nathan and I are a little over an hour away from each other.Technically, it's a long distance relationship. For most people this wouldn't be a big deal but both of us work and I don't have a car and gas prices have gone up recently. It makes it difficult to see him when I would like to. I wish I could see him on a daily basis and be more in his life but I know right now that's not possible. But even with this, I know there's a reason behind it and God has provided us with ways to make this time apart easier. It is now that I will say that Skype is one of the best computer programs ever made. I honestly thank God for the modern technology that gives us the ability to communicate more and on a daily basis without running up a huge phone bill. Even with this stuff, I still long to have Nathan with me. So the other day on my way to church, I started thinking of reasons for us not living closer. And I came up with a few:
1. It makes the time I get with him in person better because I don't take it for granted.
2. It keep temptation at bay because we aren't actually seeing each other in person.
3. It gives us (me especially) the ability to have an identity outside of our relationship. I'm not just Nathan's fiance, I'm Leah. I'm a Child of God that was fearfully and wonderfully made, I have my own thoughts and ideas and my own dreams.
There's definitely more but those are my top 3. I'm thankful for this time apart because I know how much it's strengthening our relationship and growing us closer to God. 

In wedding news we got our "unity portion" of the ceremony taken care of. We decided to do unity wax which is granulated wax that acts like sand until heated. So we are making a candle. We have purple wax for me and green for Nathan plus white to represent God being the base of our marriage. We are still trying to get flowers done. DIYing them has been harder than I thought and we haven't even purchased flowers yet! And we are still looking for a photographer. I can't believe it's under 5months! I can't wait to be Leah VanderBoegh with all the trials and joys will come our way.

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