Sunday, June 2, 2013

30 weeks!

I think I am becoming delusional. I am 30 weeks pregnant today and for some reason it doesn't feel like I only have 10 weeks to go. I feel like I have all the time in the world but I know August will be here before I know it.

How far along? 30 weeks
Maternity clothes? maternity everything but a few shirts I can stretch out for a few more weeks
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: This week has been great!
Best moment this week: Seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness with Nathan. It's the first movie we have seen in theaters since my 1st trimester when I couldn't stand the smell of buttered popcorn. Also when the baby tried to kick the doppler when the doctor was checking the heartbeat

Miss Anything? not feeling tired all the time and I miss sub sandwiches
Movement: Tons, she's starting to move even when I walk which is a very odd feeling. 
Food cravings: Chick fil a chocolate shake and Panera Bread's Cinnamon  Crunch bagel
Anything making you queasy or sick: There were a few smells that made me queasy but I don't remember what they were
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Heartburn, hip pain, back pain, no energy
Belly Button in or out? top half is almost flat, bottom half is shallow
Wedding rings on or off? on

Overall Mood: pretty good but yesterday I was very moody
Looking forward to: 2 year Anniversary on the 4th!

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