Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, I had double ear infection and pink eye and was recovering at home trying to get better. I felt bad for Nathan because I knew he wanted to be here taking care of me but had his job in Thomasville to do. Well the morning of July 30 was like any other morning except i slept in very late because I wasn't feeling too good. I got up and I was hanging out in the den playing with my nephew when all of a sudden Nathan comes in the room. I was speechless but elated that he was here. He brought daises (my favorite flower), chicken soup, toy story 1 & 2, and Chuck season 2. We got settled in and watched a few Chuck episodes before my mom came back from work and we went to walmart and got dinner. After dinner we hung out and watched  tv. But it was a show i knew Nathan didn't like and so after a little bit we went out on the deck of my house and sat and talked mainly about my summer. Then Nathan asked me if i felt like i was really ready for ministry and everything thing that comes with it. To me this was a no brainer. Of course im ready for whatever the Lord has in store, especially in ministry. "Well there's just one more question to ask," he said (not direct quote) as he was pulling out the little black box and when he opened the box he said "Leah, will you marry me?"  I was apparently speechless to Nathan because he didn't hear me saying say "yes! Of course!!" in my lacking an ability to scream at the time from being sick. Finally he did understand i was saying yes and with shaking hands (both of his and mine) he place the ring on my hand, we hugged, and for the first time we kissed. I was in such shock that he was even there in the first place and then to have him propose was that much more to the day.

But there was even more surprises. First one was that his summer job was done and he was in Orlando for good. The second one was, if I was up for it, going to universal on Monday instead of in two weeks like we planned before. We did go but only with one condition from my mom which was i had to be in a wheelchair most of the time.The next 10days felt like a dream to me. I spent a whole ten days with Nathan and it was pure bliss. It was like we literally got a bit of "engagement honeymoon" with how much time we were able to spend together. But alas, this was the most time we would get together in one chunk until we are married. In the four and half months since we got engaged, we have set a date, June 4, 2011, set an officiant (my dad), reserved a venue for ceremony/reception, pick out the bridal party, reserved tuxs, bought my dress, bought invitations, picked out bridesmaid dresses and reserved a baker. We have decided to do our own flowers minus the bouts and the corsages as well. The planning process has been hard and a bit tedious at times but it's still a lot of fun. I enjoy the online community of other brides getting married in June 2011 as well and the community of Christian brides. They have become like a second family to me and I'm so thankful for the support from The Knot and my Knotties :)

Eventually Nathan and I both got jobs but he works in south Orlando and I'm up here in DeLand. It's made seeing each other often difficult but we some how manage at least once every 2 weeks if not once a week if our works schedules match up. Now that I have brought you up to speed on what's happened, we can begin the journey to the alter!

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