Wednesday, February 2, 2011

18 weeks and a fun weekend

 This weekend was sooooo much fun! Friday afternoon, I got off work early and so did Nathan. Seeing him was so wonderful. It's such an amazing feeling to be back in his arms even after two weeks. I was excited for the time with him and seeing his family. We got to his parent's house, ate a very yummy dinner, I cut Nathan's hair and we played a few games with his parents, his sister and her husband. Nathan and I were both pretty tired around 10ish so we prayed and parted ways for bed. Nathan being the gentleman that he is gave up his bed for the couch so I could sleep in his room. It is very strange sleeping in a bed that i know will become my bed in mere months. The next morning I woke up a little early and I got sometime to chat with his mom. When Nathan got up he made us all breakfast and we spent part of the morning relaxing. After that we started on our way out with errands to run. The first being the mall. Nathan expected to only spend an hour or 2 in the mall but I had other plans ;) He's learning how much time I can really spend in a mall. We got our wedding bands purchased and wandered around a bit with a few other purchases here and there. I dragged him into a store to look at Vera Bradley and I have to admit I loved looking at his face as he saw price tags hehe. After we finished at the mall we went over to Men's Wearhouse and decided on what Nathan, my dad, and the groomsmen will wear. From there we looked in a few more stores and I bought a book full of wedding music for my pianist to use. Then we went a few more places before going back to his house and walked through his neighborhood. It was so nice just sitting there and talking to Nathan. Even with having skype, having long talking in person is one of the things I miss most when Nathan and I are apart. That night we went out with his parents for dinner and the looked in Best Buy for possible phone. I won't switch to Nathan's plan until July but we still decided to look for him and his parents. When we got back to his house, Nathan and I sat and talked some more before going to bed. Sunday morning we opted not to go to Sunday school because my stomach was acting up but we did meet his parents at their church and ate lunch at Steak and Shake after the service. Nathan and I decided to see a movie since the local movie theater does $5 movies on sundays. From there we went back to my house where we spent time just cuddling and watching TV. I also had an awesome Skype date with my best friend / MOH. While I talked Nathan ate and played with his iPod. But all too soon it was time to say good bye for another two weeks. I know it's hard this every two weeks thing but it's really the best for us.

I wasn't aware of this until one of the women on The Knot message board posted something about it but my wedding (like hers and many others) is 18 weeks away. It's hard to believe it's getting so close. I'm past the half way mark and I'm 2months away from the start of the home stretch. The next two months leading up to the 2month mark will be filled with getting the guest list set and invitations address, probably setting up my first fitting for march, deciding on a general color scheme past the cornflower blue, picking flowers, getting engagement pictures finally done, start/ finish premarital counseling and deciding on the cake design. We also will probably start making candies as well. Ahhhh soooo much to do in the 4months we have left

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding! Such an exciting time in life, I'm sure. :)

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